Домашние традиции


As I promised before in this article I’d like to tell you about tradition.

What tradition is?

Т — stronghold, Rа — Light, D — good. Tradition is the process of Light turning into steadfast good. To make you understand the meaning of this sentence I must explain how the Light turns into a steadfast substance. The Light touches the void and something or somebody starts to form. For instance, there was a tiny sprout, it was reaching out to the Light, passing the Light though itself and then turned into a flower or even a tree. Tradition is a set of actions where the energies of Light concentrate to achieve good.

How the tradition is formed?

Tradition is formed by surrounding circumstances, the place of living, for instance, and family values. Today we don’t have any traditions at all. As the true understanding of family values is lost and the energies of the living area cannot be sensed. But we need traditions even at the levels of genes, the traditions are inculcated through the religious cults. Consequently without our own traditions we cannot have any property, any goods. What the good itself is? Good — is material values, prosperity, wealth. So a “good fellow” is not a kind guy but from the wealthy family.

Create you own family traditions and I will assist you.
Faithful mother, Alyona Polun

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