Il Primordio

The Initial

The Initial is the Darkness, the Darkness contains everything, but in density, not paying attention to the individual parts of itself. Someone grows up to the state of *I am* in the Darkness, and then he comes outside as the Light. Remember the birth of a child. In some traditions, Mara is the Goddess of the Darkness, that is why She is asked for evil deeds, but Mara is the Mother of RA, and RA is the Light, only the Darkness creates the Light. As morning comes after night. Mary is the same Mara, the changed name, who gave birth to the Light. 

 Of course, all religious books are filled with allegories, and mythology, and even more so, and a common man does not understand who is spoken about, he reads everything verbatim. I’m explaining. 

 The Initial (Darkness) gives birth to the Light, and this is the process of Life creating. Throughout life we receive currents from the planets for our life, currents are the Light of the Sun reflected from the planets, these currents give us reason, but alas, people refused currents, because they do not understand how to accept them. Faith is the knowledge of RA, that is, about the Light reflected from the planets (about currents) that give us energy. But the Light was born from the Darkness so this is also thknowledge about the Mother of the Light, the Initial of everything manifested and non-manifested. 

 This knowledge is called Faith, the word Faith has penetrated tightly into the structures created by people, but Faith is one for all because we walk on the same Earth and under the same Heavens. The important thing is that a human, as a carrier of energy, is capable of much, and his task does not include suffering, but slavery and torment were inculcated in people, and they accepted them. Joy means to give RA, to give the Light, not without reason this word has survived in the Russian language, has not been removed, like many other important words. 

 Rejoice, receiving Currents from the planets. And I’m going to tell you how. 

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  • elisabeth_rose_balashova
    21.08.2019 at 18:18

    It’s not that easy to comprehend the Initial. Thanks a lot for the article. Seems I’m getting closer to understanding the notions of paramount importance.