Стихия Ветер

The Element of Wind

Today we are talking about the Element of Wind in a human body. Our breath is the very Wind in the body. Everything seems clear. But we should notice that everybody has different breath. By the way, the word “rest” (“ot-dykh” in Russian, “ot” – “from”, “dykh” – “breath”) comes from the word breath. That’s why rest means working with breath to recover the body and the soul. Yes, not only the body but also the soul depend on breath. Why isn’t it said anywhere? Because it’s unknown to people.

Spirit is a substance that moves along the thread of life – Wind chute (“Vetrogon” in Russian), thanks to inner Wind that is breath.

Spirit influences the state of Soul. It means that a lot of things depend on the Wind inside our body. The Wind in the form of breath comes out. It is able to take away all the unnecessary from our body and soul. Having breathed out we can get rid of hardships. Remember a sigh of relief. How does it happen? Breathe in and out deeply. Now you are free from the gravity of emotional stress as it is not important anymore. But how many recurrent problems that poison your life do you take with you? A lot of. As people can’t disburden themselves with the help of breathing. Shall I teach you?

Faith Mother, Alyona Polyn

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