Тайна прародителей

Mystery of Progenitors

I am going to tell the mystery of progenitors to you. To tell (Russian “поведать” [povédatʹ]) means to lead somebody with the knowledge, to know the truth and to lead in truth.

Progenitors (Russian “прародители” [praroditeli] consists of “пра” — the path of Ra, the path of the Light, and “родители” — the parents. Accordingly, the progenitors, the arch-mother and the arch-father, are those who have arrived by the path of Ra. What does it mean? The primordial parents who gave birth to a human body are the creatures of the Light. In other words, they take the energies of the Light and create the bodily matter using those energies.

I’m afraid many people will find it difficult to understand yet I’ve done my best to give a detailed explaination. I would ask that you go deep into the issue.

Alyona Polyn,

Conductor of Faith

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