In this article I will talk to you about what morality is. For understanding it is necessary to reveal the essence of the word. ‘Morality’ in Russian is «Нравственность» (“Nravstvennost” [‘nravstvenɒst]).  N – people, Ra – the Light, V – to know, the ending of the word — causality. It turns out the people who know the Light has morality, accordingly, only the faithful people are moral. And we were instilled this idea!

But the problem is that the faithful are people in Faith, but not in religion. The difference* is huge. No religion tells** about the Light, about the original energy of RA and its manifestation on the Earth, just *** religions teach to serve and worship religious god or gods.

Morality is a system of self-control of a person from actions that spoil the whole Gens. Faith will bring back morality, and our Gens will rise due to it!

Faithful Mother, Alyona Polun

* ‘difference’ in Russian is «РАЗница» — “RAZnitsa”

** ‘tell’ in Russian is «рассказать», but it used to be written «РАЗсказать» — “RAZskazat”

*** ‘just’ in Russian is « как РАЗ » — “kak RAZ”

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