Introduction on December 04

Previously, the date of November 21 marked the Introduction. In Christianity, that date celebrates the Introduction to the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are however interested in the source of that holiday as well as which kind of natural event we are talking about.

In the period from November 21 to December 04, the Time of Winter is coming when Mara (Mother of Ra), that is, the Darkness, takes over and enters its Temple.

We should also remind the meaning of the Temple (“Храм” [hrʌm] in Russian).  

  • Х — as above, so below
  • Rа — the Light
  • М — the matter

As we can see it is about the Darkness’s Time of reign that has come.

During that period, it is customary to lighten candles to warm up homes with the warmth of the Light. All the processes in nature become slow. It is Time of the Introduction of the Mother of Ra, Mara, into the Temple. Such names as Marina and Maria derive from Mara. In the Slavic tradition, Mara became the Goddess of the Darkness.

Here is the story of the Introduction in the Temple of… the God’s Mother. Mara gives birth to the Light, the initial God of Ra, in whose image everything is created. Russian “обpаз” [ɔbrʌz] (image) means ‘about God of Raz*’. Take a close look at the essence of the word.

Alyona Polyn,
Conductor of Faith

*When Ra touches the Earth (Russian “Земля” [Zɛmlja], he is called Raz [Rʌz].

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