Кон Рода

Gens Conn 

Gens was forgotten when religions came to the Earth, and Gens was just recently remembered about, when the Slavism religion returned, because Gens is mentioned in this religion. But this mention does not work. Moreover, this religion is barefoot (for those who need the energy of poverty).

The set of rules is formed within Gens that are called «Konn», the set of rules is drawn up by the elders of Gens. Now, it is the Time to explain what the difference between Gens and Dynasty is, except for the word Dynasty is not quite Russian. Although getting into the Russian language the word takes the native essence.

Dynasty — several generations, that develop and work in one area, and it brings them wealth.

Gens – families, bonded by related principle. So it is important to pay attention that forgotten Gens will never grow in the Dynasty. To become Dynasty, it is important to remember Gens and begin acting. If your Gens is hostage of religion, it won’t work. Therefore, the action plan is as follows:

  1. Withdrawal from religion to Faith through Krasheniye
  2. Drawing up Conn
  3. Creating Gens Coat of Arms
  4. Improve speech, using strong and high-frequency words
  5. Benefit your family, your country and the Earth

This minimum is necessary to be done.

How to draw up Conn?

Conn – is intra-family rules, analyze whether you have such rules and what they contribute to the family, growth and benefits or nothing. Family Conn must improve the quality of family life and accepted by all.

Write if you have any questions!

Faithful Mother, Alyona Polun

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