Всенощное бдение

All-night vigil

A special ritual performed within the walls of the church. Today we are making sense of the origin of this ritual and consider its possibilities. Ready?

All-night vigil is when all night long high priests read the texts of the rites for full immersion into the Dark. All-night means “all night long”. Vigil means “night spent without a sleep”.  Such, better said, rites were held in all cults. Only later, when traditional beliefs were rooted out and religions came, “pagan” rites moved into religions. “Pagan” is not an offensive word. The word “Yazytsy” mean peoples.*

But if we go to the root of the rite we’ll see that its origin is in the perception of the Dark as special Power. The Mother Dark takes a human being back into the womb. Faith is the comprehension of Ra (the Light), but the Light is born from the Dark. Being in mother’s womb we firstly perceive the Dark and only then the Light. Only the perception of the Dark and the Light will make a human being harmonious.

Faith Mother, Alyona Polyn

*In Russian the word “pagan” sounds like “yazychesky”

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