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What is the Name of Your Faith?

Isn’t Faith a name?  Can you name Faith any other way?  Can Faith be another one on ethnic grounds, type of doctrine and understanding God in it?  Of course, no.

Faith is the one, its separation on any grounds is inappropriate.  Faith, as life, as manifestation of the Light, is completely imperceptible to many people because all religions were named as Faith.  Morning comes out of night, morning leads us into afternoon and, going off, afternoon turns into evening, and evening drowns in night again. These cycles are invented not by us, but we know them and do not refute, do not say that it could be otherwise. For example, evening will come after night, but not morning.

Because the Truth is the one, there cannot be many true doctrines

But where do they come from?

They are created by human and if there are opportunities they are forcibly imposed. It’s not a secret, read the history of religions.

Try to distinguish clearly the concept of Faith and the concept of religion in your speech and thoughts, and you will notice that it will be even easier to breathe.  Conductor of Faith, Alyona Polyn

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