How to become a saint?

Holiness is not a merit if a religious person. A person might be saint only when he or she is fulfilled with light, getting more light than others. A saint doesn’t suffer, having enough energy to help other people and yet remains fulfilled.

Unfortunately religion has totally changed this notion and holiness must be achieved by means of suffering only. It’s worth noticing that holiness cannot be achieved by means of suffering, martyrdom is the way of feeding religious Egregor with human energy. It’s impossible to suffer for Faith. Faith does not deny suffering, Faith teaches happiness, life. Religions teach death and suffering.

Faith and religion have nothing in common. One must not confuse them because of lack of knowledge. Faith is the source of holiness. The person after Illumination ceremony starts not only to percept the Flows of Light but also with certain practices makes these Flows more intense, this is the way a person can become saint.

Why it was hidden from you?

Because it is the way the systems control you. You enter these systems with your own free will, you think that it’s your Faith but strangely enough your neighbors have a different Faith… The Faith as the comprehension of Ra (Light) is One for all. But there are lots of religions and consequently variety if possibilities to suffer in the name of God!

Faith Conductor, Alyona Polun 

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