Страх божий

Fear of God

It is very important to talk about the fear of God, because it is an integral part of religions. Let’s look at the very concept of fear, you know that fear destroys human, that heart and kidneys suffer first.  Long-term fear can take a human’s life. In any case, fear will block all areas of life. 

 Fear of God, which a human is recommended to live with, is necessary to block all ideas and, of course, will. Why should a human fear God? Fear will not allow him to do negative things, but God has nothing to do with it, there is an inner conn*, what can be done, what cannot be done, there is honor… stop, but only people, who perceive themselves as personality and are responsible for themselves and their Gens, have honor, religious person does not have personality, personality is completely closed and even sinful (we will speak more about this). 

 So, all the boundaries of what is permissible are determined by the fear, the fear of God. It’s an artificial fence, a cage that holds a man like a pet.  He is given something, and is not given something, but this cage defines the boundaries of freedom. What kind of God is this, that you have to fear? Has He begotten a human? No, there is nothing about it in the Scripture, He just gave the laws that everybody began to live by. It is not for human to judge about God … but each can independently determine if to sit in the cage or to live, making own decisions respecting the law and the conn*. Although most people won’t understand the article, fear has already eaten them up. 

 *conn  original whole true. 

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